The police in Xinmi City, Henan Province destroyed the country’s first money laundering gang using digital renminbi!

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Recently, in order to severely crack down on the high incidence of telecommunications and network fraud in the whole society, the Public Security Bureau of Xinmi City, Henan Province, combined with the 100-day offensive, with the momentum of thunder, concentrated its firepower to open a strong attack mode against fraud crimes, and faced cunning fraudsters. Specialized in governance, strong against strong, concentrated on case management, and arranged clues along the line, under the guidance and assistance of the Anti-Fraud Center of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau, destroyed the first criminal gang in the country that used digital renminbi for money laundering, and arrested gang members in Fujian Province. 11 people have opened a new “battlefield” for the nationwide “Card Breaking Action” to combat money laundering crimes.

What is digital yuan?

Here, first of all, we will briefly introduce

Digital RMB is a legal digital currency issued by my country’s central bank, referred to as “DC/EP”, that is, “Digital Currency (digital currency) / Electronic Payment (electronic payment)”. The digital renminbi is a national credit guarantee and enjoys the same legal status as the renminbi. It is my country’s “legal compensatory currency”. Under the restrictions of non-technical conditions, refusing to accept digital renminbi is as illegal as refusing to accept renminbi.

The concept of digital renminbi has two key points. One is that digital renminbi is legal tender in digital form; the other point is that it is equivalent to banknotes and coins, and is cash and coins in circulation.

Digital renminbi is a new payment transaction method, which is different from previous mobile online banking, Alipay, WeChat payment, etc., and has its specific secret characteristics. Although there have been cases of money laundering using digital renminbi, there is no cracking experience.

In mid-September 2021, a telecommunication network fraud case occurred in Xinmi City. Qu received a call from a stranger saying that the items he purchased online had quality problems, and he was going to compensate them at three times the price. It was prompted that the other party requested multiple transfers in the name of “verification of identity”, totaling more than 200,000 yuan, and later realized that he had been deceived. During the investigation of the case, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Xinmi Public Security Bureau found that multiple funds flowed to a specific electronic wallet, but the transaction mode of the wallet was different from the previous online payment.

In order to determine the users and environment of the e-wallet, investigators visited commercial banks, financial institutions, and third-party payment and settlement companies one after another. Digital RMB, and through further analysis, a suspect Lin in Fujian (female, 26 years old, from Fuzhou, Fujian) was found.

In order to restore the loss of the masses as soon as possible, investigators from the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Xinmi Public Security Bureau went to Fujian Province overnight to start work, and successively arrested 11 suspects such as Lin. After a surprise trial, the money laundering criminal gang used digital RMB for money laundering for overseas fraud gangs hiding in Cambodia in order to make illegal profits, so as to help the fraud gang evade the investigation and punishment of the public security organs. At present, the suspect involved in the case has been under criminal detention by the Xinmi City Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law, and the case is being further processed.

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